Nature Preschool

For Ages 3 and 4

Growing Up Naturally

Preparing for Kindergarten


In the Elachee Nature Preschool program, children thrive from diverse readiness activities that combine experiential learning with nature-based discovery.

Contributing to their intellectual and social development, these activities also help children hone their fine and gross motor skills.

Nature Preschool

At a Glance


Elachee Nature Preschool is fully-licensed through the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning’s Bright from the Start and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)/Cognia.

We provide our young students significant daily outdoor exploration, exercise and place-based learning opportunities. They benefit from personalized instruction.

This program follows a loose schedule, interspersed with predictable events throughout the day, such as snack and group experiences.

Elachee Nature Preschool opened in 2013. This private, tuition-based program is managed and operated by Elachee Nature Science Center in Gainesville, Georgia. It is a vital part of Elachee’s quality environmental education programming, a source of delight and inspiration since 1979.

Bringing the Outdoors In


The Nature Preschool is in a self-contained, light-filled space designed to provide the best possible indoor environment for young children. A wall of windows overlooks the Chicopee Woods, bringing the outdoors into the classroom.

Its open concept invites children to engage in center time for creative and cooperative learning or to find a private nook for quiet, independent play.

Beyond the Playground


Rain or shine, the highlight of each Nature Preschool day takes place outdoors.

Students benefit from guided exploration and play along the hiking trails and in the streams of the 1,440-acre Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve and around the grounds of the Elachee Nature Science Center campus.

A dedicated Nature Playscape provides our youngest students a supervised opportunity to unleash their creativity energy. This time of unstructured play is invaluable as they dig, climb and roam around, independently connecting to the natural world.

Preschool students also benefit from structured activity in the Children’s Gardens That Teach. These dedicated planting areas allow students to better understand concepts of plant lifecycles as they watch the fruits of their labor take root and flourish.