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At Camp Elachee, campers will explore creeks for critters, trek through our 1,440-acre woodland, make crafts, sing silly camp songs and forge lasting friendships.

For over four decades, Elachee’s nature-based day camps have been a favorite school break past-time. In fact, new generations of Elachee campers are making their own memories, following in their parents’ footsteps!

Weekly Day Camps

Camp Elachee 2022 promises the chance to participate in traditional camp activities, and more! We tailor age-appropriate and fun outdoor adventures to give campers experiences that bring each weekly theme to life.

Summer Day Camps

Pre-Kindergarten through Rising 6th Grade

May 31-July 22, 2022 campers will experience themed, nature-focused outdoor adventures.

WEEKLY THEMES: Summer Day Camp

WEEK 1: May 31-June 3, 2022 (4-day camp)
Forest Forensics…
Campers will take a deep dive into all things that call the forest home. They will explore animals, plants and waters that flow through our woods to discover their many habits and secrets.

WEEK 2: June 6-10, 2022
Flying High…
Discover all things that fly. From small Bumblebees to birds like Great Blue Herons, campers will learn how and why these creatures use flight for movement!

WEEK 3: June 13-17, 2022
Expedition Explorer…
Put on those thinking caps! This week your camper will be learning how to survive in the woods without technology and modern equipment. Campers will learn how to build a fire, make a shelter, tell which plants are safe and so much more!

WEEK 4: June 20-24, 2022
Space Bound…
Blasting off to faraway places, campers will take a closer look at the solar system, stars and even Earth by working to solve mysteries through experiments and exciting activities.

WEEK 5: June 27-July 1, 2022
Water Wonders…
Get ready for lots of water fun! This week campers will be diving into lots of new knowledge while exploring Walnut Creek and all the critters that call the water home!

WEEK 6: July 5-8, 2022 (4-day camp)
Ancient Elachee…
Let’s dig back to a time long ago. Campers will learn about native people, dinosaurs, rocks, minerals and so much more!

WEEK 7: July 11-15, 2022
Green and Growing…
Campers will focus on plants that call the forest home because there is so much more happening in this woodland than we realize! Discover how a plant makes its own food, how we might use them, and how other animals also benefit from them.

WEEK 8: July 18-22, 2022
Camp Rewind… Campers will be reliving some of the most loved parts of the summer! We will be circling back around to the activities and topics that were the most fun and exciting from previous camp weeks.

DETAILS: Pre-K Summer Day Camps

Pre-K Summer Day Camps

  • May 31-July 22, 2022 (see weekly themes above)
  • 8 a.m. to Noon (Monday-Friday except where noted)

Campers must be able to fully toilet/use the bathroom independently* (ex: pull pants up and down, wipe, etc.).

CAMP GROUP SIZE: 10 Campers Per Week

PRE-K CAMP FEE: $175 Per Camper, Per Camp Week
Elachee members receive a $20 discount per child, per camp week. Membership must be current for the camp dates requested.

*PLEASE NOTE: Elachee’s Pre-Kindergarten camp policy is that all campers MUST be able to toilet completely independently. Accidents for children of this age are understandable and expected. However, a child who is clearly not toilet trained, or has excessive accidents (one or more per camp day), will result in parents being contacted to pick up the child. Additionally, should this happen, the camper’s registration for the week will be dropped without a refund.

DETAILS: Summer Day Camps (K through rising 6th Grade)

Elementary Summer Day Camps

  • May 31-July 22, 2022 (see weekly themes above)
  • 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Monday-Friday, except where noted)

ELIGIBILITY: Ages 5 to 12, Kindergarten up to rising 6th Grade for 2022-2023.

CAMP GROUP SIZE: 100 Campers Per Week

SUMMER DAY CAMP FEE: $200 Per Camper, Per Camp Week
Elachee members receive a $20 discount per child, per camp week. Membership must be current for the camp dates requested.

Financial Aid

Elachee supporters make possible financial assistance for Camp Elachee participants.

After Camp Elachee registration opens February 1, call 770-535-1976 to request a copy of the Camp Elachee financial aid guidelines and application. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. There is no guarantee of a financial aid award.

Camp Elachee meets the requirements and standards for ‘exemption status’ from the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning’s Bright from the Start. Attendance policies for Pre-Kindergarten require that each child will attend no more than four (4) hours per day.