Field Trips for PreK-1st Graders

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NOTE TO TEACHERS: As of March 23, 2017, Elachee's field trip and outreach calendar is nearly booked through May 19, 2017. Please call 770-535-1976 for availability. We are accepting requests for summer and next fall.

Topic: Animals

  • Wheel of Animals

    Learn remarkable facts about an array of unique Georgia animals while exploring their needs on a discovery-filled hike in the Chicopee Woods. GPS: S1L1, S1L2; AKS: 1SC_D-12
  • A Sense of Wonder

    Discover how animals use their senses on this exploratory hike through the Chicopee Woods. GPS: SKL1 & SKL2, SKP1, A1L1; AKS: KSC_C-9, D-13
  • Sorting It Out

    Learn to classify animals in the classroom and on the trails of the Chicopee Woods. GPS: SKL1 & 2, SKCS1, SKCS2,  SKCS5; AKS: KSC_C-9, D-12 & D-13

Topic: Astronomy

  • Seeing Stars – Kindergarten

    Introduce young students to the sun, moon, day and night with an exciting session in our portable planetarium Starlab, combined with hands-on astronomy. GPS: SKE1; AKS: KSC_B-7

Topic: Plants

  • Green & Growing

    Chicopee Woods is the ideal place to study the needs, parts, life cycles and many uses of plants. GPS: S2E1, SKL1, SKL2, S1CS6, S1CS7, S1L1; AKS: KSC_D-12 & D-13, 1SC_D-12